While Laguna Tools calls California home, the owner and president Torben Helshoj got his start in Europe as an award winning woodworker. When Torben moved from his home in Denmark to pursue woodworking in the United States, he quickly found the available equipment wasn’t up to par with the European machinery he had been accustomed to. Torben saw an opportunity to revolutionize American woodworking machines by improving functionality and safety. It wasn’t long after, he founded the Laguna Tools we know today. From they very beginning, Laguna has built a reputation on being the company that brings the best of European woodworking tools to the American woodworkers shop.

Because Laguna Tools is owned and operated by a woodworker, they’ve always had their fellow woodworkers in mind. As a result, Laguna has developed the reputation of producing high quality and innovative machinery. Laguna sells a full line of award winning woodworking tools, including table saws, jointers, planers, sanders, boring machines, shapers, lathes and even workbenches and dust collection equipment.

Laguna Tools is perhaps best known for their line of bandsaws. They offer a wide variety with the largest resaw capability in the industry. Currently, Laguna offers many different bandsaw models ranging from the innovative 14|12 to the powerful 37LT HD Italian bandsaw. Each bandsaw also includes Laguna’s patented, award-winning, ceramic guides and heavy-duty cast-iron tables.

Regardless of they type of machine you are looking for you will find Laguna Tools to be a leader across the board with machinery that consistently outperforms the competition.

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